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Dr. Adam Harris has significant experience in treatment of benign, malignant, and premalignant breast conditions.  When screening imaging detects a suspicious area or when a mass is felt, a biopsy is often done typically using a tiny incision and needle with ultrasound or X-ray guidance. If the biopsy reveals cancer, pre-cancer, or the biopsy is indeterminate, breast cancer surgery may be required.

Breast cancer can spread to the lymph nodes in the axilla (under the arm) and a biopsy of these lymph nodes may be required. Breast cancer surgeon Dr. Harris was trained by some of the nations leaders in breast cancer surgery during his 5 years at the Mayo Clinic in Florida.  He did more breast surgery than the top 90% of general surgery residents in the country during his training. He works closely with radiologist, oncologist, and plastic surgeons to determine the best treatment for his patients. Breast cancer surgeon Doctor Harris does not do breast reduction surgery or breast augmentation, which are done by plastic surgeons.

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Dr. Adam Harris, MD, is a Mayo Clinic Trained General Surgeon in Birmingham, Alabama. Specializing in a wide range of surgical procedures. In addition to breast surgery, Dr. Adam Harris performs a variety of procedures, including gallbladder surgery, breast cancer surgery, hernia repair surgery, and heartburn surgery.

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